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Why I feel sad sometimes, and why squeaking hippos make me feel better

I wouldn't trade Evie for the world. But the other day, I felt a sudden sadness that this world expects certain things and she is not on its timeline.  We celebrate the same victories with her...just a lot later. And I see the gap of time growing bigger from her peers.  I recognize that we are now entering the time I dreaded a bit--the time where she's not a teeny tiny baby whose job is only to look cute. Now she's expected to walk and talk (insert where someone tells me their child didn't walk until age 2, which I do appreciate).   At 20 months (Happy 20 months, Evie!), Evie is able to stand with assistance or lean on something for longer and longer periods of time. But I don't know if she will walk this year or next year or even by age 3. Here's a nifty chart that shows the typical range for certain skills for a typical child vs a child with DS.   (from "Down Syndrome Awareness Month."