Big Dreams and Early Intervention

Today was our first Early Intervention visit.  I never really understood what EI was for until my friends needed it for their preemies.  Then when we had our DS diagnosis, I fully understood the extent of this service.  2 weeks ago, a very nice team of therapists and social workers came to our living room and played with Evie and asked me questions.  They then wrote an extensive report of their assessment of her history and current skills (as a 10 week old!), and said they would be in touch.

Today we met our Occupational Therapist who will come to our home each week to play with Evie and help her to develop her motor and social skills.  I was looking forward to this with anticipation, since this person will be part of our lives on a weekly basis for 3 years.

As a DS kid, she is expected to be delayed in some of these skills.  As a 2 month old, they were looking for skills like neck control and looking at various stimuli.  I was rooting for her to show them all that she was a superstar and didn't need "intervention."  They reassured me that she is only 2 months old, and you can really only assess so much with an infant. But still--I'm hoping she will surprise them with her brilliance!
Working on head control, but preferring to stare at the tiger.
One thing I love about my husband is that he has faith that Evie will be extraordinary.  He is already teaching her to walk and read.  He is such a great daddy!

Walking lessons with Daddy

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