I hate gas

When your baby is screaming in pain, there is nothing you wouldn't do to make their pain stop.  With G-tubing, poor Evie gets more gas than usual in her little tummy.  Having been pregnant, I know a thing or two about super gas, so I felt for her.

For some reason no one told me about venting with a G-tube after she had the surgery.  So at first we tried gripe water and gas relief drops (simethicone).  Gripe water did nothing, and also made her choke.  Simethicone is actually a beautiful thing, but only gave her temporary relief.  Bicycling her legs helped a bit, but really it's not good enough for a g-tube baby.

Enter addicted-to-the-Internet mommy.  I've been reading all that I can find about gas and about G-tubes.  I started to read about people "venting," and they weren't talking about all the snow we have been getting.


I started wondering if I had been missing out on a way to help Evie.  When I asked the GI doc about this, she said, oh sure, I'll have the nurse teach you.  I thought, why didn't they tell me about this in the first place!!!  All it involves is using a large 60 ml syringe plugged into the G-tube and letting the air come out of her stomach.  The first time I did it, I didn't take the cap off the syringe and wondered why it didn't work.  Haha.  The second time I did it, it rocked my world. The air bubbles just shot out of the tube.  Seeing stomach contents of my baby isn't such a big deal, because it's just formula.  Then you use the plunger to slowly put the stomach contents back in.  And then baby is happy, so mommy is happy!
from St. Louis Childrens Hospital

I kind of feel lucky that I can so definitively help my child with gas, while other mommies have to wait for the gas to work its way out.  That's one upside to having a G-tube, at least!

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  1. This is probably TMI, but I wish I had as easy a way to get the gas out of my tummy sometimes. But yay for happy baby and mommy!


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