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Evie's wedding...I mean birthday party

Hi everyone!  This is Evie!  I turned 12 months old last month.  Mommy has been very busy, so she asked me to blog.   I had my very first birthday party.  The theme was Penguin Winter One-derland.  Mommy was addicted to something called Etsy and Pinterest on her phone.  All I know is that there was a lot of colorful paper around and I was not allowed to play with it! 

With Mommy before my party

So many people helped my Mommy with my party.  I think she would have gone crazy without the help. She said it was like planning a wedding. I don't know what a wedding is, but I do know that I have a lot of friends!  We had a hot cocoa bar, lots of food, and tons of games.

The baker at Stop and Shop went all out in making a penguin winter wonderland cake for me!

Mommy freaked out 2 weeks before the party because almost 40 kids were coming to my party, plus about 50 adults.  I don't know why she was scared--something about 40 kids with nothing to do and running around in circles.  Auntie Tina came to the rescue and helped us to think of activities.  We had Magformers, play dough, a coloring contest, rainbow looms, beads, and toddler bowling.  I was too little to play with the big kids, but they said they had fun!

We did not make the awesome coffee filter streamers--that was left over from our church Christmas concert!

I had a nice nap right before the party, and woke up in time to wave hello to everyone.  I get many compliments on how I wave.  They say that I am graceful. I don't know what that means. I just like to watch my hand wave back and forth in front of me. 

In the middle of the party, Mommy and Daddy thanked everyone for supporting our family and loving me, Evie the Extraordinary, in the past year.  They all sang a nice song called "Happy Birthday" to me, and I loved it.   It was a nice personal concert. 

And then about 80 pairs of eyes stared at me while I sat in my high chair.  I don't know what they expected me to do.  They put a penguin-shaped cake in front of me and just watched me.  Auntie Kirsten spent a lot of time on my cake--why would I touch it and ruin it? 

So Daddy took my hand and swiped the cake with it.  I was angry and didn't know why everyone laughed when I yelled.  I put my thumb in my mouth and tasted the frosting, and it WAS intriguing, but I was too angry to try it again.  Mommy and Daddy felt sorry for me and picked me up from the high chair.   They thought something was very funny.  

After all the excitement, it was time for a big nap. Grandpa and Grandma took me to a quiet room to have some sleep. Some nice aunties and uncles helped to clean up.  All in all, it was a good day.  Mommy said she will never throw a party that big again.  But she was happy about how it turned out too!

Thank you, everyone, for celebrating that I finished my first year strong!!


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