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Evie's Adventures in Storyland, from a sensory sensitive kid's point of view

Hi Evie fans!  Our first post-pandemic trip was to the  Storyland amusement park in Glen, New Hampshire !  Evie did well with the 2.5 hour drive--there was a lot of sing-shouting to Laurie Berkner songs on the way there.   About halfway to New Hampshire, I had the sickening feeling of realizing that I had forgotten all of Evie's carefully calculated and labeled blended food. :(   Mom of the year right here!  Thankfully, she isn't on formula anymore, and there was a super Walmart in North Conway, so we made a stop to buy a hand blender and some prepared foods for me to blend!  We stayed the night in Comfort Inn at North Conway . It was packed full of families, and had a mini-golf adventure right next to the hotel.  As soon as we settled in, I painstakingly microwaved a turkey dinner in the kitchenette, threw in some heavy cream, spinach, and cranberry sauce, and blended it all in a plastic Rubbermaid bowl.  Thankfully, Evie agreed to eat this as her lunch and dinner for the ne