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The Adventures of Eating Evie...

...and I meant this as an adjective and not a verb.  Evie is eating!!! I haven't blogged in awhile, mostly because of being busy, but also because I have been focusing my energies on getting Evie to eat.  Since I last blogged, Evie has transitioned to a new nanny and also gone through a developmental leap (which I never knew about until I had a baby!).  In the midst of all of that, Evie decided she had zero interest in eating food by mouth. Zip, zero, zilch.  She would turn her head away, and if we begged her too many times, she started to cry.  My biggest fear was a food aversion, so we just backed off... ...and silently freaked out that Evie would never eat.  Well, I freaked out.  My husband almost never freaks out.  I like to think that my freaking out/intensive planning sometimes gets this family to bigger and better places.   My husband may have a differing opinion. Over the past couple of months, Evie had gained enough weight for the nutritionist and GI doctor to feel c