Evie says hi from home

Hi everybody!
I had a nice time sleeping in my own bed last night. Nobody woke me up at all, so I woke up with a smile. Seriously, why do they think it's good to wake up a baby, strip her clothes off, and put her on a hard surface to weigh her? And don't get me started on that big cuff they put on my leg that squeezes really hard. Geez. We were all glad to leave the hospital! 

Mommy and Daddy slept better than they did in the hospital too. I think we all were snoring at some point during the night!

Mommy says I talk a lot and that I'm really loud. I can't help it, Mommy! I have so much ENERGY! Play with me!!!

Daddy and Mommy are still trying to figure out my eating habits. I don't think it's very hard. Sometimes I'm not hungry and I just want to play with Daddy.  Other times I suddenly decide I want food and I let him know. Really loudly, so there's no question.  If they take too long, I start screaming so they'll know it's an emergency. I think they'll eventually figure it out.  I'm definitely drinking more than I used to!  My record is 50 ml, which is more than my previous 20 ml before I had heart surgery. 

People keep looking at my chest.  They seem to be in awe of how fast my incision is healing.  I don't think it's a big deal. I am a baby, after all, and babies heal quickly!  

Did you know that if a baby's clavicle is broken during labor, that it is completely healed in 2 weeks?  We are super babies!!  My heart doctor said I will probably be healed up in 4-6 weeks.  Then watch out, world!!

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