The breathing tube is out!

The breathing tube has successfully been taken out. At first Evangeline was crying silently because her throat was so hoarse.  But she gained some steam and was letting us know that she was not happy.  I wish I could pick her up, but she still has too many lines in.  If I sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider, she stops crying and looks at me. As soon as I stop singing, her lower lip comes out and she starts crying again. I'm starting to think I should record my voice and just play it instead. 
This was Evie before the tube was taken out. 
This was Erick trying to keep Evie entertained, because she kept remembering she was unhappy and would cry. Thank God for Tylenol!
This is Evie finally drifting off to sleep and getting some food into her tummy via g-tube. Doesn't she look more comfortable? She won't be able to try a bottle for a few more days because she is still too weak. There is also still a risk of aspiration, which means that liquids can go into her lungs when she drinks due to a floppy airway. We don't need pneumonia to complicate her recovery. 
It's looking like Evie will spend the weekend in the ICU for monitoring, but we are making good progress.  

Our friend who is a cardiologist keeps making sure that everyone in the ICU knows that we are his friends and to treat us well.  We've had some meals dropped off too. We are so thankful for such a supportive community! 

Please pray that Evie will rest well and not be too uncomfortable to sleep. She doesn't understand why Mommy and Daddy don't pick her up.  I found another use for the Zipadee Zip though!  She usually likes to suck on her arm when she's wearing the Zipadee Zip, so I put my finger in the arm and stuck it in her mouth. Worked like a charm. (Pacifiers make her gag.) Thank you yet again, Zipadee Zip! 
We can't wait to take Evie home! Not sure when that will will probably be another week here. 

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