How to sit like a big girl...and another milestone!

I took sitting for granted until Evie got occupational and physical therapy.  First I waited for her to sit up on her own, and then once she did, I learned there was the right way and the wrong way to sit. Sometimes I'm just so proud that she got to the next milestone, only to find out that there's another one that we are aiming for that she's not doing "correctly." For instance, while she sits up for long periods of time now, the way she sits is to stick one leg behind her to give her more stability.  Or she "tripods" and leans on her hands.   The right way is to "ring sit" so that she can strengthen her core, and ideally she doesn't need to prop herself up when she gets tired.
Sticking a leg out to balance herself
I must stick one leg out at all times and rest my hands on my knees. Sitting is hard work!
Ring sitting! But still leaning on my knees.

Not too shabby!  Sitting like a champ. 
But who needs to stay still?!

We were also told that it would take Evie a long time (months) to crawl, and she did take longer to do so, but ladies and gentlemen, we have a crawling girl in the house!  In the span of a week, she has decided that given the right motivation (Daddy or an iPhone), she will crawl across the room! This was one of our goals, so we are very happy!  Daddy gets a lot of credit for helping Evie to crawl.  He plays with her every night and gets her up and moving!

We capped off an exciting week of crawling with Evie's first trip to the zoo!  The animals were too far away for her to really be interested in them, but she had tons of fun being outdoors and giggling at the trees. 

First trip to the zoo! It's hard to see, but I'm smiling!
Happy 16 months, Evie!  Way to go!

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