Why I feel sad sometimes, and why squeaking hippos make me feel better

I wouldn't trade Evie for the world. But the other day, I felt a sudden sadness that this world expects certain things and she is not on its timeline.  We celebrate the same victories with her...just a lot later. And I see the gap of time growing bigger from her peers.  I recognize that we are now entering the time I dreaded a bit--the time where she's not a teeny tiny baby whose job is only to look cute.

Now she's expected to walk and talk (insert where someone tells me their child didn't walk until age 2, which I do appreciate).   At 20 months (Happy 20 months, Evie!), Evie is able to stand with assistance or lean on something for longer and longer periods of time. But I don't know if she will walk this year or next year or even by age 3.

Here's a nifty chart that shows the typical range for certain skills for a typical child vs a child with DS.

(from "Down Syndrome Awareness Month." http://blog.epichealthservices.com/down-syndrome-awareness-month/)

Meanwhile, we just keep chipping away at those skills.

Evie working on good seated posture while using an eye patch to address how one eye sees better than the other
I got her cute hippo sneakers with squeakers not only to give her feet more support, but also to make myself feel better when I heard she will provably need ankle or shin orthotics.  There's nothing like looking at a sparkly purple hippo face when you are sad that your child has to have leg braces of some sort (more on this when I actually figure out what these will be like). 
They squeak too!  Click on the picture to see them on Amazon.
In these days when I'm feeling a little sad for my baby, I remember the following things:

1) Evie's going to the same destination. She's just taking the scenic route. 

2) I know people who have kids with DS who are older and they are doing great.  They have jobs, they have friends, and they have people who love them dearly.

3) I have friends who have kids with DS who are Evie's age and they can commiserate with me at any time. Such an awesome support!

4)  I get to cuddle Evie a lot longer than other parents whose kids are busy walking around and don't care to snuggle as much anymore!

Love this diagram:

And if you are the mushy type and want to cry along with me...as I think about Evie going to kindergarten someday, this is an awesome post written by Noah's Dad about his son's first day in kindergarten this year. I will have to go back and read this when she's going to school.

Happy Back to School, for those of you moms who are going through it in these next few weeks!

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  1. Compare Evie with Evie is the best way to be her mommy and grand mother! And the tis also the best for Evie!


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