The Babysitters' Club, and fairy godmothers

I got the idea for this post because of a comment made by Evie's fairy godmother, joyosity.  

But first, this post begins with a clear plastic box. Entertaining Evie is getting tougher. I have mom guilt whenever I turn to the iPad, so this week when we went out, I put some items in a clear plastic box for Evie.  We brought this to joyosity's house today and she commented that it looked like a Babysitters' Club kit.  

For those of you who are not familiar with the Babysitters' Club, this was the best book series ever for a young middle school girl, right up there with Sweet Valley High. The girls in the Babysitters club put together personalized kits to take with them to entertain the kids when they babysat.

I was thrilled that my voracious reading of the Babysitters Club had paid off and that I had subconsciously followed my early tutelage by the esteemed Babysitters. 

So here is what my Evie-sitting kit had inside today: 
1. Dr. Seuss' Ten Apples Up on Top:  an extremely small board book with enjoyable rhyming. Evie loves this book. Link to the cute set that we have.
2. 3 medical gauze pads encased in paper, which make a deliciously crisp papery sound when Evie shakes them.
3. A Velcro apple from her Melissa and Doug fruit cutting  kit, so that she can practice her Velcro fruit prying skills. 

4. A bottle of bubbles for obvious reasons.
5.  A set of small flash cards with animals on them, partly to teach her animals but mostly so she can make a mess, because that's what she does best.

And if all else fails, she will enjoy emptying the contents of my purse.  She especially has a knack for pulling out my feminine products and waving them around in public places.

Oh, and if you're wondering what a fairy godmother does, she accepts the role of "fun person" and will take Evie out for fun experiences when she's older.  First on the list is apparently a trip to Fenway Park.  Did you know that if you're born at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital (or maybe just in the NICU), you get a free pass for a tour of Fenway?  How cool is that?  We are thankful for awesome friends who want to be a part of Evie's life!  We just need her to get over her shy phase....

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