How old are you, Evie?

Dear Evie,
I can not believe you’re 3 years old today! You have brought joy and so much life (and less sleep) to Mommy and Daddy. In the past year, you have become so animated and curious about your environment. Calling you “my little troublemaker” has made me so happy, because it means you are getting stronger and able to explore on your own. You love horsing around with Daddy. Your infectious laughter when we put something on our heads to be silly turns a hectic day into the best day.  When we read "Daddy Hugs," the last page of "Goodnight, Dada" sets off a long monologue about Dadadadada and how much you love Dada.  

I think you know how loved you are, Evie.  Mommy and Daddy can’t stop kissing and hugging you, and sometimes you surprise us by spontaneously giving us open mouthed kisses to show your love.  You have definite reading preferences and want to put on your own socks...on the same foot. You like purses, even when they belong to ladies we do not know.  You are doing great with your walker, and going longer distances now.  You climb stairs like a champ.  When mommy's not looking, you put random things in the closet or cabinet to surprise me later.
I'm 3!

Mommy was a little nervous about your 3rd birthday. Turning 3 meant that your army of therapists, who have been such a part of our lives, were unable to come to our house anymore.  3 meant that you are a big girl and that you will go to school.  But in the last few months, you have showed us that you are ready to go to be a big girl at school, and that you will love it.  You will learn new words, meet new people, and have new experiences.  We are so proud of you, Evie!   Happy Birthday, my precious girl!  May this year be full of joy, growth, strength, and fun experiences!

Enjoying birthday chocolate mousse!

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