Evie's first day of school!

I didn't cry.  Everyone warned me I would cry, but I think I was too busy trying to unfold Evie's walker and help Erick with her wheelchair, and forgot to be emotional about dropping off Evie on her first day of preschool.   Evie didn't even notice that I left.  She saw kids playing with trains, and I plopped her down on the rug and left.  I kissed her goodbye and she didn't even blink.  She was too busy looking at the trains.

The preschool coordinator came to meet us, and took over, and that was that.  We left our precious cargo in SCHOOL!

One of the moms introduced herself in the hallway.  She said that her kids were told about Evie before she came, and they were all excited to have her there.  That meant so much to me. Evie actually has a Rifton chair that has a picture of her on the back so that other kids don't take her chair.  Rifton chairs provide more support for a kid who needs more support to sit for long periods of time.

Evie's going to have play time, story time,  activity time, and then snacks and recess, and then it will be time to pick her up.  I can't wait!  I only wish she could tell me what she liked the most, but I'm sure there will be plenty of people to tell me.

Prepping Evie for school was a little more involved.  After the IEP meeting, we got the standard list of things to prepare, like a backpack, spare clothes, diapers, wipes, and a snack.

Other things we had to prepare:
  • pediatric wheelchair with her name on it
  • pediatric walker
  • emergency g-tube button replacement
  • water bottle for g-tube button replacement
  • pH strips
  • syringe for g-tube feed at school
  • water bottle for water at school
  • extension tube for g-tube
  • the book about school that I made
  • a notebook of tips for the assistant about feeding, likes, dislikes--this notebook will go back and forth between us
  • Very important--chocolate pudding for her first snack, by special request from the teacher, because Evie likes chocolate.  I was torn about providing a bib because I wasn't sure other kids had a bib for eating, but I tucked one in anyway, because she is wearing a penguin sweater.

I think we got everything!

Thanks to all of Evie's fans for cheering her on!  I just know that she is going to grow so much over the next few months!


  1. This is so amazing. The fact that you just set her down and she was happy playing made me smile so big! shows how far she's come from burryiny her head into me for the entire hour of music class! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Aw you're right! She definitely comes out of her shell much more quickly now! You were the pioneer!

    2. Excuuuse me, Dr. Amy. How do you do all this?! This rhetorical question just leaves me in awe of all you have to do above and beyond a working parent’s schedule. You’re amazing and I love to read your humorous updates on your journey. The Moy family is blessed. And congrats on everyone’s successful first-day-of-school drop off!

    3. Aw you're so sweet, Marie! Thanks for keeping up with our journey! We are definitely blessed!


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