Introducing Evie the Extraordinary!

Evie is here!  I've been waiting to meet her for years, and finally I have a daughter.  We found out we were pregnant in Spring 2014, and we met Evangeline (Evie) face to face just before Christmas.  Along the way, we discovered we would have a daughter with Trisomy 21, otherwise known as Down Syndrome (more on that later).  Grief turned to learning as much as possible about Trisomy 21, then turned to acceptance, and then joy again.  She is the gift that God has given us, and therefore she is a good and perfect gift to us! 

When she was born by C-section (after hours of pushing, mind you), I was so out of it in the Operating Room. She wasn't breathing well, and was whisked off to have her lungs cleared first.  Before they took her to the NICU, they held her up to my head so I could meet my daughter for the first time.

Do you see her eyes looking straight into my soul?  Happy sigh.  Also morphine-induced haze.  I'm glad I wore my glasses into the OR so I could see her. I am blind as a bat without them (more about bats later).

This blog will be to document what I learn along the way about parenting, Down Syndrome/Trisomy 21, G-tube feeding, toting oxygen tanks, faith, and the adventure of being Evie's mommy.  I am 7 weeks into being Evie's mommy, and I am so in love with her!  I already know she is extraordinary, because she has been a blessing to people even before she was born.  I am looking forward to learning all the ways that she is extraordinary, and also a typical little girl. 

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  1. she truly is extraordinary!! and so is her mom!!! i'm so blessed by her and by you!


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