Never thought I'd be happy to see a booger.

I had heard about this thing--the Nosefrida.  And thought that it sounded gross, sucking boogers out of a baby's nose with a straw.  But today, my friends, I realized its true worth.  It is gold.
NoseFrida the snot sucker product photograph

My baby was breathing quite rapidly since 6 am this morning, and I was afraid something was wrong. But as I listened, it sounded like her nose was stuffier than usual.  She has an oxygen cannula, so she occasionally makes whistling sounds through her nose.  For the rest of morning, I worriedly listened to her breathing. She looked fine, acted fine, and her temp, oxygen sats and heart rate were normal (yay for having an oximeter--a hidden blessing in this situation).  The nurses in the NICU had told me to put in a couple drops of saline in her nose to help her nose not be so dry.  That worked like magic for her breathing for all of 2 hours.  So I decided to try those nasal aspirators from the hospital. No luck. Just sucked air.

I pulled the Nosefrida out of the box. I had nothing to lose, because the next step was calling the doctor, and I have had enough of doctors' appointments for the last few days. The first try yielded nothing.  But as the saline started to loosen things up in there, and the nasal cannula was poking around in her nostril, I saw what looked like a booger!!  Never thought I'd be happy to see a booger.

2nd try--I held her in one arm, had the straw in my mouth, and held the tube in front of her nose. I sucked, and...the biggest booger I've ever seen came out of the tiniest nostril.  Did I mention I've never been so happy to see a booger?  After that, her breathing immediately calmed down.  Thank you, Jesus, for the Nosefrida and for sparing us from another doctor visit!!  Thank you, Swedish people, or whoever invited this thing.  Best Invention Ever: The Nosefrida

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