A post by Evie: From my point of view

Hi everyone!
Mommy said I could write a post, because she thinks it's funny that I find certain things so amusing to look at.   I want to share what I look at and why they are so wonderful. 

First, this amazing square on the ceiling. It's a geometric wonder. And everyone knows babies like black and white contrast, so I'm not sure why mommy thinks this is so funny. 

Then there's the view from the sofa while Daddy watches TV.  Why wouldn't I stare at this beautiful dark wood?  Daddy loves this bar table. Mommy at first didn't like it and tried to put it off to the side, but now she admits that Daddy is right and the table is useful for eating breakfast and watching me while she eats.  Look at that carpet with its geometric shapes!  Ikea makes works of art!

This is my view when I get my diaper changed, or Mommy changes my g-tube dressings every night.  I get very excited to see my dust bunny friends.  Fortunately for me, Mommy and Daddy don't have much time to clean the dust bunnies away.

Here's one of my absolute favorites.
Mommy doesn't like this picture above the sofa very much, but I love to stare at it.  It's such a nice white border around the frame. I haven't seen an ocean or lake yet, but it seems nice.  Daddy got it in his bachelor days, but Mommy would rather have something else that goes with her color scheme.  Everyone who comes over tends to say they like the picture though, so Mommy is stuck with it. I am very happy about this. 

Another thing that makes me happy is Jacques the Peacock. Auntie Anissa sent  it to me, and I love to stare at Jacques. 

As usual, I am hugging Sophie the Giraffe. She goes wherever I go!  Daddy gives her a bath every night, but water got inside and she lost her squeaky voice. No matter, I have found my voice and like to say all sorts of things for me and Sophie!

Thank you for taking this tour of "Evie's wonderful views!" 



  1. you have amazing views Eve! Until next time I'll miss you :)

  2. You are so cute and funny, evie!

  3. Evie your views are the best!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Evie! Love all the views you get to enjoy!! You're growing up so fast! Miss you!!

  5. Evie's smile is sooooo beautiful! Love her!!

  6. My absolute favorite post!!!! You are so smart Evie.
    Such a cutie pie!!!!
    Robin xo

    1. Thank you, Robin! Evie says she will think about writing another post!


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