Our favorite books and Reading Rainbow

Evie and her daddy like to read books together every evening.  She is well versed in the adventures of Caillou, Moo La La, Goodnight Moon, and Sophie the Giraffe (yes, Sophie also has a book).

Early on, I decided that I would make a scrapbook about how we prepared for her to arrive, so we could read it to her. Thanks to Shutterfly, I could tell Evie the story of how Mommy and Daddy got ready to meet her.  Erick has already been reading the book to her.  I hope that by reading it, she will know how much she is loved! 

The first page of the book.

Some of our current favorites books are "Daddy Hugs 1-2-3" and "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom."  Our absolute favorite right now is called "God Gave Us You."  It makes me want to cry every time I read it with her. 
 "God Gave Us You" is about a baby polar bear asking his mommy where he came from, and she tells him throughout the book how excited they were to meet him and how they prepared for him.  He asks if they might have preferred Samuel the Seal or Frederica the Fox, but Mama Bear says no, because "God gave us you." Having waited so long for Evie, this book is especially poignant. I feel exactly the same way about Evie, and wouldn't trade her for the world.   

Shameless link to Amazon, because you know you want this book now for your next baby shower gift!

This love of books brings me to Reading Rainbow.  I miss this show.   There's nothing like Levar Burton reading a book. So I googled it and was pleased to find out that Reading Rainbow is back in the form of an app.  Now Evie will get to watch Levar Burton as well!

A sample for your viewing pleasure--Goldyluck and the Three Bears, read by Levar Burton while he sits in Chinatown in Los Angeles.  Pandas, a little Chinese girl, and Levar Burton. How can you go wrong?

8 more days until Evie's surgery on June 3!  We will be reading lots of books to her while she is in the hospital bed!

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