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Evie and the Good, Terrible, No Good, Very Good Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was both great and terrible at the same time.

For Mother's Day, I got horrible stomach cramps (not contagious) and Erick came down with a fever and sore throat.  My visions of wearing a pretty dress to church and having Evie wear a cute outfit as well were quickly dashed. No nice Mother's Day lunch either.  Erick couldn't even go near Evie for fear that she would get sick.  If she gets sick close to her surgery date, they won't do her heart surgery for obvious reasons.

So I hobbled around the house while doubled over, and made sure Evie got fed and stayed alive this weekend.  I don't think she had any idea how incapacitated her parents were. Ah, the life of a baby!  

Look! More hair!

May I now take the opportunity to salute single moms or moms who have husbands who don't lift a finger. I salute you over and over again, because I barely survived 2 days having to do things myself. 

By the end of yesterday, I had hired a babysitter/good friend to watch Evie and went to buy medical face masks so Erick could at least help out a bit more now that his fever was gone.   I truly felt bad for him, because he couldn't kiss Evie's chubby cheeks and it was killing him.  The love of a dad.

For a minute, I wallowed in self pity that my first Mother's Day was not what I had envisioned.  

And then I realized that I wouldn't trade my temporary misery for anything else, because Evie is the best gift I could ask for. For my Mother's Day, I got to spend the day with my baby daughter, and she rewarded me with some giggles at my funny faces.  Her laughter is like gold to me!  

This morning, as I drove to one of our countless appointments at Boston Childrens, I just thanked God that I get to be Evie's mommy.  She was worth the long wait!  

At the bottom of this post is a Youtube video of "Beautiful Things" by Gungor.  I already liked the song, but found out from a friend with her own extraordinary boy that the lead singers of Gungor wrote this song when their child was born with Down Syndrome.  I used to play this song during my drive to work, thinking about how our lives would be so different with or without Down Syndrome, but that I knew Evie would be our beautiful gift. Now the song is even more special to me.

Evie showing off flowers for me from my thoughtful sister-in-law
A postscript: I would like to thank my husband, who does everything he can to be a partner in raising Evie, and who makes sure I have a moment to myself each day so I don't go crazy.  He got me a new phone and bought me a takeout steak dinner despite being out of it on Dayquil. 


  1. I love your posts, Amy. Can't wait to meet little Evie!

  2. Pray for you! Hope you would get a little more rest.

  3. This is a bit belated, but happy first Mother's Day to you. It wasn't what you dreamed of, but neither are having kids in GENERAL! And those first laughs are worth more than any pretty dress or perfect Mother's Day aren't they! You are one amazing and beautiful mama, with one amazing and beautiful baby (hubby does a great job too!). You are a hero in my book.


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