I Wish She Could Get A Break

Poor Evie.  All babies need to eat, sleep, and poop.  Yet she has trouble eating, and when she just wants to sleep, we make her wake up to eat by mouth or G-tube, and then she has trouble pooping sometimes. (Yes, we give her prune juice.)

Today was an epic poop while sitting on Daddy.  I refuse to post pictures of poop, so lucky you!  And Daddy made Mommy change the diaper because Mommy was laughing too hard at Daddy making faces at the smell.

Evie and Daddy, about 5 minutes before she gave Daddy a "present."

On top of that, somehow her G-tube site got infected last night, and she has to go back on Keflex, which upsets her little tummy.  Poor baby! I can't wait until she can just eat, sleep, and poop in peace without needing to have medication, new dressings, or formula pumped into her stomach. 

Here is a my favorite video of her, just to cheer myself up. Hope it cheers you too!


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