Officially on our own today

My mother-in-law leaves today!  She's been here for 6 weeks, and before that my mom was here for 3 weeks.  I haven't had to think about what to eat for lunch or dinner, and I've been able to get my errands done efficiently, because Grandma knows how to clamp and disconnect a G-tube bag.  Yay for grandmas.

And now, Evie and I will drive Grandma to the airport, and now there will be no one in the backseat to shush her when she's crying, and no one to hand me the oxygen tank when I pull out her carrier.  But I think I'm getting it down. I just need to build in more time to maneuver everything. 

Behold, my new "do you have everything" list:

Not your average list, but it gets the job done! 


  1. Adjusting to all the things someone so little needs is huge!

  2. I'm very impressed with what you have done and what your mother-in-law has done for you and Evangeline! You are very blessed!


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