A letter to my fans, from Evie

Hi everybody!
I had a good night last night! 
My eyes have now stopped crossing from the strange drugs they put me on, and I see 1 mommy and daddy now and not 2 mommies and daddies.  

I graduated from the ICU this afternoon! I am in a nice single room and don't have to share with another baby.  Everyone says how alert I am. Drugs can't hold me down. 

This is my new room!
Now I get to rest and get some more phlegm out of my chest. I still have some lines and IV's, but a lot less than before.  All the nurses think my Zipadee Zip is magical too, because I'm a lot less wiggly when I wear one. 

I look pretty good, don't I? For those of you curious to see my incision, Mommy is posting it for me. If you don't like seeing those sorts of things, then don't look at the picture at the end. The nurse last night said its one of the best incisions she's ever seen! I don't know what that means. I just know I have a huge sticker on my chest. I will miss the nurses in the Cardiac ICU. They were very nice to me.

Speaking of nurses, one of my primary nurses from when I was born at the Beth Israel NICU came to see me today! Maureen is one of my favorite people, even if I didn't show it today when she visited. I screamed a lot because I had a lot of bubbles of gas in my tummy. Then I screamed because I had to poop. Then I cried because I wanted Daddy to pick me up. Nothing personal, Maureen! I am very glad you came to see me now that I am so big!

No one knows how long I'll be here in my new room. Mommy and Daddy have to take turns staying with me and playing with me. They are hoping it's only for another week.  Talk to you tomorrow, big people!

Here's the picture of my beautiful incision!


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful incision!

  2. Love you Evie. Your buddy Noelle had the same scar 1 yr ago but it look much better now. Can hardly tell she had heart surgery

  3. We love you, Evie. Hope you get better soon.


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