Resting well post-surgery!

Thanks for all of your prayers and good wishes. This morning when we said goodbye to her in pre-op, she was smiling and looking around. After 5 hours, Evie's surgeon met with us and said everything went smoothly. The scariest part for me was know that they had stopped her heart to put her on the bypass machine. The magic words that she was off the bypass and her heart was working on its own was music to my ears.   Now we will wait to see how her body readjusts.  

We just saw her in the Cardiac Intensive Care unit, and she looks good. The faux hawk is still intact.  They don't allow pictures in the ICU, so sorry I can't show you. 

We are tired, but relieved and thankful!  I can't say enough how much it meant to me to know that so many people were praying and thinking of us.  We definitely did not feel alone, and God was watching over all of us. 

Evie will write again when she feels better!


  1. Yay!! So happy to hear! Praise God! :)

  2. She is really Extraordinary!! We keep praying for all of you.


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