Hello from HOME!

Evie continues to surprise us. We thought we would be here another weekend. Today is Thursday, and we were discharged this afternoon!

Not only were we discharged today, but Evie drank all of the formula in her bottle quite easily!  The first time, she downed 40 ml, and the second time she drank 30 ml. While this is nothing to most babies her age, this is a huge victory for her. Thank you for your continued prayers that she would eat more and more by mouth. 
Today the stitches came out of her chest. The incision is already healing quite nicely.  

Evie is officially taking Sildenafil. The cardiology fellow said he will always remember us because he was surprised that a patient's dad really wanted his baby on Sildenafil, otherwise known as Viagra (if she needed to go on another medication for her pulmonary hypertension). He thought at first that Daddy was trying to get some for himself, but then found out that Evie's daddy works for Pfizer and since they make Viagra, we get it for free. I think the doctor was relieved that this was the reason! 

We had to say goodbye for now to some great people!  First, our surgeon, Dr. Quinonez, otherwise known as Dr. Awesome.  He has really changed our lives, and we are forever grateful. We have a stronger Evie because of him.

Also Patti M, who checked on us almost every day and made sure we got a good hospital room. 

We definitely needed a pic with Dr. Uncle Doug Mah, who came to see us almost every day as well, and used his charm to make everyone be extra nice to us. 

On the way out, one of our favorite nurses was there, and of course we wanted a picture with Lily! 

We were very ready to leave! We got a Discharge Buddy to help us push a cart of all our stuff to our car. I expected an elf when they said Discharge Buddy, but she was a nice nursing student who looked nothing like an elf. 

We are now happily at home, and one of the mommies from church already dropped off a piping hot meal for us!!   

Now begins all the follow ups and Evie's incision and sternum need to heal.  These next few months should be interesting as we work with the feeding and swallowing team to assess her risk for aspirating fluids and maybe try some purees soon!

But for this weekend, we are just going to relax and enjoy being together at home!


  1. Congratulations on getting OUT! You will be so amazed at how much of a difference there will be! Before Elizabeth's surgery, she had a tiny little wimper/cry. After, she could scream!!!!

    Nancy W

    1. You are so right, Nancy! She is SO talkative now! And LOUD!


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