How did we get to 7 already?

This week is our 7 year anniversary.  How did that happen? I feel like we just got married last year!

Haha, I'm not sure I will ever look that way again after having Evie! While our wedding day was definitely the happiest day of my life, I think this year has been the best year of my life.  Not because it was easy, but because it has further refined us and made our lives fuller and richer.

A year ago, we were just starting to tell friends and family about Evie, but also digesting the thought that Evie likely had Down Syndrome. I was downing ginger ale like it was water, and craving pineapple.  And honestly, I was struggling with a tinge of sadness whenever people congratulated me for being pregnant, because I knew there was a strong possibility that my baby would have medical issues.  But one thing was for sure--Erick and I already loved this baby, and we were a team.

Today, Evie has so many people praying for her and just loving her, that I am overwhelmed with joy when I think about it.  With a rough start in the NICU and then heart surgery, Evie has emerged with a stronger heart, a strong personality, and quite a few fans. I am ecstatic to be Evie's mommy. 

Today, I love my husband even more than last year and didn't imagine that was possible. When I watch him with our daughter, I sometimes just sit there and grin happily because he is such a great daddy. Even when he decides to give her a mohawk! 

We may disagree sometimes on feeding strategies, what the doctor said, or why Evie is crying, but we also agree on how much we love her and will do whatever it takes to be good parents to her. Sometimes we are frustrated or just exhausted, but we do this thing called parenting together.  And every once in awhile, we get to slip out to see a movie. 

Here's to many more years of joy and stretching (both in life and physically, because Evie is getting heavy and our backs hurt) in this great journey we are on together!  I love you, Erick!

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