Setting up our new digs

Evie and Daddy spent the first night in the Step down unit here on 8 East.  She got a mobile to look at while Daddy slept. 

The mornings are always busy because the doctors and nurses do their rounds, set the plan for the day, draw labs, do chest x rays and EKG's, etc. Today's plan was to pull out the lines that would have been used for a pacemaker if she needed it. But Evie doesn't need it, so see you later, pace lines!!  

When I walked in today, Evie saw me and gave me a big smile and started to tell me about her day. That is the best mommy greeting ever!  She seems to feel better today.  She's still fussy and tired, but overall looks even more herself today. 

The biggest thing we want to see is that when we try her off oxygen in room air, that her oxygen saturation levels get as close to 100 as possible. Right now they are in the low 80's, which is not acceptable. It's still early, so she has time.  But that's the biggest thing you can pray for--that we can get rid of Ollie the oxygen tank!

Today Evie also switched from continuous feeds to Bolus feeds, which means she doesn't get a continuous flow of formula through her feeding tube, but gets food at regular meal times now.  She won't be trying a bottle for a couple more days. 

I've tried to make her room more homey. She has stuffed animals everywhere, photos of us, and some pictures drawn by her friends M and J! 

Thanks for all your comments in celebration with us that we left the ICU!  We feel so loved and taken care of! 


  1. Get stronger everyday little girl. Miss our weekly visits, can't wait until you are home with Mom and Dad.

  2. Congrats on the move! Love you Evie!

  3. Sweet little Evie, may God bless you get stronger! Love you so much.

  4. So thankful that Evie is doing well. Our prayers are with all of you!


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